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Scrapbook Layout – October 31st (2012)

Hello everyone!

Hope your week is going well. We’ve had a great week so far and we are looking forward to the weekend.

My sweet baby girl will be turning 9 (!) this Saturday and we have a jam packed weekend full of fun planned for her.

I wanted to do a quick post to share my latest layout titled October 31st about last year’s Hallow’s Eve.


Jasmine chose a Gothic Witch costume and I had fun doing her hair and makeup. She was game with having the white makeup all over her face and I gave her smoky eyes with maroon eyeliner and shadow, which made her eyes look quite terrifying. She really got into her character and went around the neighborhood looking scary and snarling at people. As I was finishing up the layout, she came over and said, “Wow, I look really spooky!”

We are finally getting in the mood for Halloween around here! Rob put up the decorations this week and our outside looks very Halloweeny indeed. Love this time of year.

About the layout:

Most of the supplies are from my old stash. The papers are from K&Company, as well as the epoxy stickers and flairs. The banner is from the My Mind’s Eye Wicked collection. The enamel dots are also from My Mind’s Eye. The cute little witch with the cauldron is from October Afternoon’s Witch Hazel collection.

I struggled at first with the layout and I wasn’t sure I liked it. Black paper is really unforgiving when you make a mistake and I had some nicks and small tears where I softly placed a sticker on some places and then changed my mind on the placement. Because of this, I had to place other embellishments to hide the flaws. But in the end, I ended up liking the finished product. It’s certainly festive!

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment. Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful weekend!


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Project Life Pages (End of July and August 2013)

Hello, Happy Monday!

Whew, we have been busy around here lately. Jasmine has started back up on Tae Kwon Do, and we are so happy about that. So far, the class is kicking her butt every session as she gets back into shape with the drills. TKD is a twice a week class, with the optional Saturday class for forms (katas). We attended the Saturday class this weekend, and it felt like we were completely immersed in all things Tae Kwon Do. Sunday mornings are occupied with church and Jasmine’s involvement with the kids’ choir. But, I know it is doing Jas some good. Last night, as she was going to sleep, she said to me, “Mommy, I am so happy.” Both TKD and church provides her a well rounded set of activities that touch on improving her mental fortitude, physical endurance, and spiritual awareness.


I’ve been trying desperately to catch up on our Project Life album since I slacked off so much during summer and vacationing in early September. I finally have some pages to share. A few things to note about my Project Life approach:

  1. I do my PL on a monthly basis. I did a weekly approach for my 2012 album, but I find the monthly approach gives me more flexibility to work on the album as time allows. It also gives me freedom to have however many pages I want to have dedicated to each month. I don’t stick to a 2 page layout per week, or 4 page layout per month. The activities we have on a given month will dictate how many pages I do.
  2. I tuck in most memorabilia into the photo pocket pages so that they are already in the appropriate month.
  3. If I have time, I will do a journal card for a specific memory or quote I want to capture before starting on the page layout. I tuck those into a page protector to create a placeholder for the appropriate month.
  4. I limit any typewritten journaling and just go with old fashioned handwriting. To me, journaling goes faster this way, and it also provides my loved ones a memento of my handwriting.
  5. I include text on the photos I print that provides a short blurb about the photo. Again, I do this for expediency’s sake.
  6. I use a mix of PL kits and cards I cut from my patterned paper collection.

The page below is the last page of July. My son TJ has been seeing his girlfriend for a few months now and she has a son who is a year younger than Jasmine. We finally got to meet him in July. Jasmine and he bonded over Minecraft. Always a plus when kids have similar interests. The entire page documents their visit and our awesome day at the beach with them.


Page 1, August 2013.

I realized I haven’t been including food pictures in my PL lately, so I included some this time around. My 2012 PL was filled with lots of food related photos, and it was actually great to look back on those pics because it gave us some ideas on what meals to incorporate back into our rotation. Rob and I laughed about the Before and After Spam pics. I snatched up the Becky Higgins PL Kit by Dear Lizzy – 5th & Frolic at my local Michael’s store, and I started using it starting this month.


Page 2, August 2013.

  1. A visit to the Library – We overdid it on the books we checked out. We didn’t finish all of them and didn’t renew any since we were scheduled to go on a cruise soon after the due date.
  2. A weekly trip to Adventure Island – We had a week day membership to Adventure Island. Fridays were the only days we could go due to work and school, which limited our time there, but we sure did enjoy ourselves. We made lasting memories for sure!
  3. A soccer championship win! The surprise from Daddy was an Adventure Time Lumpy Space Princess plush doll. Jasmine can do a perfect imitation of LSP and we crack up every time she does it.


Page 3, August 2013.

Back to School for Jasmine! She was so excited for her first day back. We bought her some really rad black faux leather Guess shoes and they were blinged out with studs and rhinestones. When she got home from school, she was so happy because her teacher was so nice.


Page 4, August 2013.

Rob and I had lunch with Jasmine at school on Friday. It’s always nice to do because we get to meet some of her new friends. We have been hooked on Whole Foods lately. We love that everything is organic, and we can get some delicious prepared foods for the weekend.


Looking on the bright side of being so behind on Project Life: As I was organizing and editing the pictures I took months ago to work on my PL spreads, it was almost like opening gifts when I found pictures I forgot I even took, and going through the photos is such a nice recollection of those moments.

Why do I love Project Life?

  1. I love creating an album that provides details about our day to day life throughout the year. I have very few pictures of me during my childhood, and I know how important it is to document these memories.
  2. It gives me a great way to display all the photos I take throughout the year, instead of the 1-2 photos on a traditional 12×12 or 8.5×11 layout.  The divided photo pockets in the page protectors make it a fairly quick exercise as well, granted I am not behind.
  3. The process makes me grateful about our wonderful life together, no matter how ordinary or spectacular the event. Each photo I work on makes me smile.
  4. I love that my family will come into my office when I am working on the album and they look through it. Jasmine will do this every time the album is open. Sometimes she’ll remark on the specific activity in the album, or her own photo: “I like/don’t like that picture of me.” Then the next time she gives me a hard time about taking her picture, I remind her how much she likes looking through the album.
  5. It gives me a creative outlet when I have time to be more artsy, and it gives me the freedom to be as simple as I need to be when I don’t have much time.

Would love to hear if you do Project Life! What are you loving about the project so far?

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Scrapbook Layouts: Sweet Treat and Chloe

Hello there! We have been having Fall-like weather lately in our neck of the woods in Florida this week and the mornings have just been sublime. I wanted to share a few “currents” with you that I will update on a monthly basis:

Currently reading – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Jasmine is also reading this, although she has slowed down due to new interests (Adventure Time is a big one right now). Rob is also reading a Harry Potter book: Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets.

Listening to: Lots of Ingrid Michaelson, Colbie Caillat, Corinne Bailey Rae on Jango radio, which preprograms my play list based on specific artists. The cool thing about Jango radio is that it does not have any commercials like Pandora. The free version allows me to skip any songs I don’t feel like listening to at the moment. I can also give a thumbs down to any song to permanently delete it from the play list on an unlimited basis, without being inundated by commercials.

Jasmine got a part last Sunday in our church play, which will be on December 15. She was very excited since it was the part she wanted to get. Rob and I sat in on her when she read for the various parts, and she did a great job – her voice was at a good volume and her words were clear. Looking forward to seeing it come together in December!

I have two layouts to share with you today.

Sweet Treat is about one of my daughter’s favorite snacks, which is a simple homemade sundae. Start with a base of vanilla ice cream (double scoops), then drizzle with sugar free chocolate syrup (we don’t keep the sugar kind in our house), top with piles of whipped cream, and then finish off with some sprinkles. Yum!



Layout details: I used a mashup of Studio Calico papers from the new Double Scoop and Marks & Co kits, along with some items from my stash. I cut the title out with my Silhouette Cameo, using the Pacifico font. I loved the woodgrain and pink stars from the Double Scoop kit, and I used it pretty heavily here, sewing them on to highlight the photo and also my journaling. The washi tape is from Glitz (black and white chevron) and Bella Blvd (yellow chevron).

The next layout is of one of our awesome Sphynx cats, Chloe. The reaction we get when they first encounter our cats is priceless. You get a range of emotions: surprise, awe, wonder and trepidation. Petting one is like petting a warm peach. They may look a bit intimidating, but Sphynx cats are the sweetest. Out of all the cats Rob and I have had collectively throughout our lifetime, Chloe and her sister, Zoe, have been the most loving, attention-hogging, and affectionate cats.



Layout details: I again used a mashup of SC papers from the Marks & Co kit and some Maggie Holmes and Dear Lizzy papers from my stash. I found some foam letters at our local Dollar Store and I painted them a very light pink. I used a tag to create hidden journaling, just to remind us of some of Chloe’s behaviors – she wasn’t too happy when we went on a past trip a year ago, and she was pretty standoffish with the pet sitter. The sitter commented on her pet summary sheet that Chloe missed us terribly.

Well, that’s all for now. Hope you all have had a great week so far. We are gearing up for the weekend around here!

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Escape layout

Jas had a horrible spill on her bike yesterday while going around the neighborhood with one of her friends. She uses a walkie talkie to stay in touch with me when she’s out and about, and I got a call from her saying (in a shaky voice), “Mommy, I just fell in a big hole. Can you come and get me because I don’t think I have the strength to take the bike back home.” Gasp. Rob got home just as I was headed out the door, so we went together to get her. She was pretty scratched up when we got to her, but mostly she was in shock, pale in the face, and a bit nauseous. Once she settled in at home, she was fine.

As a matter of fact, hubby and daughter are both out biking this morning, so I wanted to do a quick post to share my latest layout about our visit to Disney’s private island in the Bahamas a couple of years ago. We were lucky enough to go on a Disney cruise, and that’s how we got to Castaway Cay; it is one of the stops on the cruise. The Cay was such an awesome place. We didn’t know what to expect, and sometimes it’s better that way since there are no expectations to meet or exceed. There were so many things to do in Castaway Cay, and the first activity we tackled was snorkeling. We never used fins to snorkel from the shore, so we had to learn quickly that you walk backwards into the ocean, since it’s pretty impossible to walk forward with fins on. This was Jasmine’s first time snorkeling out in the deep blue sea, and she did great. She went out further than I did, with her dad of course. Rob had funny stories to tell once they got back. Jasmine got tired of swimming on the way back into shore and she rode on his back on the return journey. While riding on him, she also would hold onto his snorkel air tube, not knowing she was preventing him to breathe underwater. When Rob told her that was what she was doing, she laughed really hard then said, “Oh, I didn’t know!”


Rob looks relieved to see land

For the layout, I used a mix of papers and embellishments from the Studio Calico Marks & Co. (Background paper, blue cabochon) and Valley High kits (Hello cork tag, Oh Snap circle, cork Thickers) as well as other items from my stash (Amy Tangerine: Hello border, manila tags, Dear Lizzy: Sweet Sunshine polaroid, Glitz Wild & Free 6×6 paper pack: the two black and white papers matting the photo). I sewed a double border and created ink splatters with Mister Huey’s Dewey (a fave).



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3rd Grade Rocks Layout

Hello! I wanted to share a layout I finished today. The photo was taken on Jasmine’s first day back to school. A few days before school started, Jasmine mentioned that 3rd grade was going to be the hardest year yet for her. But, like all the past years so far, I think that she will rock 3rd grade, and I told her so.

Looking at the pic I took of her that first day, I can’t help but remember how I was feeling that day. I was sad to have my constant companion this summer go back to school. We spent lots of time together, albeit some of it was spent in separate rooms, enjoying separate activities. I was also a little apprehensive about her safety because when she is with me, I keep her safe. At school, I cannot protect her – from bullies wielding harsh words, crazy people who want to hurt children, and lord knows what else. But I had faith that she can protect herself, and that the school’s security procedures that they put in place last year will protect my baby as well as other babies who go to the school. No, she is no longer a baby, but she will always be my baby just the same. Sigh. I keep finding myself silently asking for time to slow down. She is growing up way too fast. Already she is almost as tall as me, wears the same size shoes, and her hands are as big as mine. We compared hands this morning and she said, “Oh no, my hands are going to be huge!” She is now finally riding a bike. Hooray, she learned in two hours! That is the thing about Jasmine – she will learn things all on her own terms, in due time. Just like me, she takes her time: she was a late walker, but an amazingly early reader (before kindergarten) and swimmer (she was swimming at the age of two, fearlessly swimming with her head underwater, amazing everyone at the pool). She wasn’t interested with riding the bike as she took a spill while trying to learn with training wheels a few years ago and she scooters around our development just fine, so she found no need for the bike. But when she learned she had to ride the bike for bike safety day, she asked her Dad to help her learn. After a couple of sweaty sessions, she just started riding.

Back to the layout.


I decided to use kraft paper as the base to give it that school feel. I haven’t used kraft paper as a background in years, but I used it quite often in the past. To continue with the school theme, I used a notebook edge punch, a Jenni Bowlin file folder punch, stapled down some of the papers with the tiny attacher, and Studio Calico wood elements: the exclamation point, A+, and “School Days.” I layered on some American Crafts paper from a 6X6 pad I found at Target. I added some wooden stars from SC to accent the yellow glitter Thickers that I used for the title. And then I used the neon Mister Huey’s mist to create some splatters, and also added sequins to enhance the splatters. The neon didn’t show up as bright as I wanted on the kraft paper background, but I’m okay with it. The alphabet washi tape is from the Studio Calico Double Scoop September kit. Lastly, I added butterflies because to me they are a symbol of growth, of transformation. I use them quite often. One last bit that I wanted to mention. I used a small wooden girl from SC and the wooden chevron. It’s my favorite part of the layout – I will usually have one particular area or element of my layout that I really like that makes me smile. On this layout, it is the little wooden girl with the wooden chevron arrows pointing to it.