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Hello there, finally, my first post. I have always wanted to have my own blog, but never really had a good starting point until now. We just got back yesterday from an awesome Western Caribbean cruise and have lots of pics and activities to share.

I was a bit skeptical about the cruise at first since we booked with a cruise line that had negative reviews recently, but the cruise went very smoothly and we had a blast! We had lots of together time. By “we” I mean my husband of 17 years, Rob, and my 8 year old daughter Jasmine.

Our first stop was Key West. We decided to take our time and walk to the Ernest Hemingway house, or as Jasmine calls it, “The six toed cat house.” There were about 45 cats around the property. One of which got frisky and bit her 😦

The “walk” to the Hemingway House took a good portion of our morning day trip, so we wisened up and took the train tour to see the rest of Key West. I took shots of the old architecture as houses and buildings sped by.

DSC04009 DSC04020 DSC04023 DSC04106 DSC04118

I will be back tomorrow to continue with the details of the rest of our trip!


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